April 30, 2022

With the first round of the playoffs over, Arnav and Nathan return to recap the craziness of round 1 and to predict the future of round 2 of the NBA playoffs.

April 20, 2022

As the NBA playoffs begin, our cohosts Arnav and Nathan return to discuss their thoughts on what has gone down so far.

April 14, 2022

Our panelists discuss the wild NFL offseason moves.

April 13, 2022

Nathan and Arnav return to discuss the play-in tournament and the NBA playoffs coming soon.

April 9, 2022

Our Cover 3 crew returns to talk about the upcoming NFL draft.

April 4, 2022

Arnav and Nathan return to discuss the crazy lead up to the NBA playoffs and more.

April 4, 2022

Pilot for SAGB basketball podcast.

March 13, 2022

Give and Go - LeBron, Tatum, More Trivia, and NBA Nicknames!

March 8, 2022

Give and Go - Trade Deadline, Trivia, NBA 75!

February 26th, 2021

Pilot for SAGB basketball podcast.

February 26th, 2021

With the Super Bowl having just ended, our analysts look towards the next season of football. With talk about the constantly evolving QB offseason moves and predictions for next season, this episode covers the hottest topics in the NFL right now.

February 26th, 2021

An old episode recorded in Week 13. Listen and Enjoy!

February 26th, 2021

Brought to you by the Sports Analytics Group at Berkeley, a podcast where 3 dudes talk about football.