Our Mission

  • Educating members to become industry leaders in the sports analytics field
  • Spearheading unique and dynamic research projects for professional and collegiate organizations
  • Releasing fresh, data-driven content at the forefront of the sports journalism world
  • Connecting the Cal community to the sports analytics field through speaker events, industry panels, and networking events

  • Our Teams

    Data Journalism

    The SAGB Data Journalism team researches many varying sports topics throughout the semester, bridging the gap between analytics and sports journalism. The team publishes both completely objective articles as well as opinion pieces that are backed up with strong data. Published works have covered everything from the rise of analytics in cricket to comparing the biggest names in soccer and basketball, so there’s always new and exciting content being crafted.


    SAGB’s Projects team works on sports strategy consulting projects for professional and collegiate sports organizations, teams, and agencies. Whether it's predicting free agent contracts or visualizing baseball players' swings, SAGB Projects continues to explore ways to revolutionize sports through data.


    SAGB Business works with the business departments of professional sports organizations from around the country, helping teams with a variety of operational tasks such as ticketing, marketing, and overall brand development. Working with teams such as the Red Sox and Clippers, SAGB Business has grown extensively over the past few years in size and scope, and has continuously given members the opportunity to grow and experience what it is really like in the business side of professional sports.

    Past Clients